Garage Flooring Creates A Big Difference

Most people don’t realize the difference that garage flooring can make. However, Doug Z. in Prospect, CT sure did!

When thinking about garage organization; shelving, cabinets and overhead storage are usually the first things that come to mind. While these products are highly important, it also takes things like flooring to completely finish a room.

Epoxy garage flooring is a great option for many people because it only takes 1-2 days to install. That means that you can park your car in the garage again in no time!

The process for Doug’s epoxy garage flooring in Prospect was fairly simple. As you’ll see below, Doug’s garage floor was similar to many other’s garages in that it was stained and even cracked in a few places before the epoxy flooring was laid.

before garage flooring Prospect

Using a diamond grinder, the professionals at Garage Storage Systems of CT LLC eliminated the discoloration left on the floor from oil and dirt. This process also creates a smooth surface for the epoxy flooring to be placed on. Below is how the floor looked after the diamond grinder. You’ll notice that most of the dark stains are now gone after this step.

Garage Flooring Prospect After Grinding

The next step is where the real magic happens. For this flooring job, the customer chose black and grey chips in the epoxy. However, epoxy flooring comes with many different flooring chip colors to choose from.

At this point, one layer of epoxy was applied to the garage flooring in Prospect. This clear epoxy primer saturates and penetrates deep into the open pores of the concrete. By doing so, a powerful mechanical and chemical bond is created that is guaranteed to not break or crack.

After this first layer had dried a second coat of epoxy was applied. Using the black and grey color chips Doug choose, the garage professionals dispersed color chips all over the floor while the second layer was still wet.

Finally, the floor is scraped and brushed smooth to remove excess flakes before the top-coat was applied. This step created the shine that is easily seen the last flooring photo. Doug’s garage flooring in Prospect is resistant to fluids that may fall on the floor and is unaffected by hot tires, leaving the flooring virtually maintenance free.

Epoxy garage flooring in Prospect