Garage Flooring In Naugatuck

Not many people would list the garage as one of the most beautiful rooms in the house! Especially when looking at the flooring.

Richard K. was having a similar problem to many Americans; his garage floor was a mess. Time had created cracks, holes, and discolorations in his garage flooring in Naugatuck. While these problems are common, they aren’t acceptable. Such imperfections in flooring can be hazardous and increase the risk of trips and falls in the garage.

Garage Flooring Naugatuck

Imperfect garage floor before.

The epoxy garage flooring in Naugatuck that was installed was a great solution for this home owner. With the help of Greg McGovern, the floor was prepped, cracks and holes were sealed up, and the floor was ground smooth.

Garage Flooring Naugatuck

Filling the cracks and imperfections in the concrete.

The chips and epoxy were then installed. There are many different colors that are available to choose from with epoxy, but this home owner choose a light gray color that is almost universal and can work many different color schemes. What sets epoxy apart from all the other flooring options is that it is UV stable, will not yellow or discolor over time, and comes with a warranty against peeling.

Garage Flooring Naugatuck Finish

Beautiful epoxy garage flooring after.

This garage flooring in Naugatuck job turned out amazing. Owner, Richard K. even said that the job exceeded his exceptions! This new garage flooring in Naugatuck is both more beautiful and safe than his previous flooring. Clean up is even easy! The flooring is water, chemical and oil resistant. By simply using a rag and regular cleaning supplies, you can wipe up any mess that falls on the floor.